“To sum Stefan up in one word it would be “Incredible”.
We are not a fan of fake smiles or awkward posing,
We wanted someone who took photos
of the moment and
capture everything
we would have missed
or forgotten about,
That’s exactly what
Stefan did.
I was blown away when
Stefan gave us the
wedding photos,
he captured moments
that happened that
I didn’t even know
he was there
taking photos of.”

Ash + Tim
Thurlby Domain NZ

“Our wedding party and bride
and groom shots were fun
and fast and had us back to
our guests in no time
(which is what we wanted).
And they look stunning –
if I do say so myself. 
Our friends and families have
been blown away when they
have looked at our photos
and so have we! 
I would recommend Stefan
in a heartbeat.”

Michelle + Roo
NZ High Country Queenstown NZ

“Our memory of February includes some great moments with you and many that you helped create. Your creative talent and the lovely way you were a kindred spirit and felt like one of the guests helped make our day.”

Liz + Cam
NZ High Country Queenstown NZ