Wedding photography faq

Here's some answers to questions I think are important to ask when searching for a wedding photographer that suits your style. Its really important to choose a photographer who's work you like and also the way they go about making it, after all they'll be around you all day so everybody's got to be on the same page.  

What is your photography style?

Candid, quiet, creative & personal.
I’m all for being forgotten, blending in. I’m not the sort of wedding photographer who will become the life of the party or dance the night away with your bridesmaids. I will try and be as inconspicuous as possible in an attempt to capture real interactions between you two and your loved ones. Candid, natural, documentary are the words that best resonate with how I work on the day. That being said when its time to do portraits I’ll guide you if needed and ensure we have fun so we can capture some really great portraits. The rest of the time I believe is all about real unforced moments between you, your partner, your families and friends. My duty here is to capture compelling images of moments that can transport you to real memories for years to come. I've been a photojournalist and commercial photographer for over 18 years and this sort of work has influenced the way I shoot weddings.

Do you do elopements?

Bring it on.
These typically fall into my cheapest price plan but everyone's different so just shoot me an email and let me know your plans.

Can you hold my date for me?

Yes, BUT….
I can and absolutely do once a deposit is received and the contract is signed. If you need to change your date after paying the deposit this can be done so long as I have                                            the new date available.

Hell yeah!
I’m like you, I’m not too keen on having my photo taken, especially by somebody I hardly know. It’s for this reason your wedding day wont be the first time we meet. No matter where you are in the world we’ll get to spend some time together before the day either via skype or in person getting to know each other. I think its a must that we are all comfortable with each other ahead of time so we can get the best results possible, and have fun doing it!

Can we meet?

Yep, if your wedding is more than 300km away from Melbourne there will be some.
However, I could be around the corner the weekend before your wedding date so who knows, get in touch and tell me where the fun’s happening and we’ll figure it out.

Is there travel costs?

Full resolution.
The images will print HUGE*. *Should be read with deep male voice and flexed muscles.
I also deliver a complete set of the images as low resolution for Facebook etc as well.

How big are the image files?

I could happily shoot these sorts of images all day. BUT you know what, at the end of the day it comes down to your particular circumstances and priority’s. I actually think that you should be with your guests, enjoying those canapés and drinks, so I personally think this time should be quick. BUT, I also place HUGE value on photography of all varieties so I’m REALLY torn on this. Clearly!!
I also offer a work around on this call ‘The day after portrait session’. A super inventive name for a service which involves doing this portrait session the day after, or there about's, if logistically possible.

At the end of the day this is another area where I differ from most wedding photographers, I think you need to start by asking yourselves 'How long do we want to spend away from your guests', I know this time is super relaxing for my couples and a nice chance for the two of you to connect, but I also know there's a party going on and you really should get involved ASAP.

How long do you need for portraits?

I do but I also make sure you don't go away without one, I include one in my package.
I think albums are super important and nothing compares to physically holding your memories. I also think most couples don't get them because they can be expensive and they have good intentions of making one later... which usually doesn't happen. That’s why I include a 12 inch x 12 inch, fine art album with all my weddings. The album is created by me with the images I think best tell the story of your day,  then I send it to you to make changes as you see fit. We can do this back and forth online super easy and you get the album you love. If you need to add more pages you can purchase them separately. This isn't Granny's album either, its a beautiful leather covered piece that in 10 years time you'll be so glad you have.

Do you offer albums?

Have any other questions? 

Let me know.