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Hey! I'm Stefan and I'm a wedding photographer but not like you imagine.

Firstly I'm 40yrs old and been around the photography block a few times, heck I started shooting FILM!. So that means I've been a photographer for over 18 years but I've only started shooting weddings in the last 2-3 years. This probably makes me a bit different in the way I approach weddings and because of this I'm certainly not for everybody.

I believe in honest documentary of weddings through capturing candid, unforced moments. Wordy little sentence isn’t it but basically I don’t want to get involved and influence what happens during your wedding as I want you to remember real moments when you view your images. I know that your comfort level in being photographed is an important part of me getting authentic moments so I also offer 100% private wedding coverage if requested. So if you don't want your images splashed all over social media or even this website I can offer a contract that states that I never will.

I really love the printed image! I get that albums are expensive and digital has made us feel like we don’t need them but you know what, hard drives die and USB sticks are small and easy to loose and that scares the shit out of me. AND I’m pretty sure you’ll love your album when you see it so therefore I include a custom fine art album with all of my weddings for no additional charge. 

I strive to make images that are important to you and honestly tell the story of your day. I’ve worked as a photographer long enough to know that the client is always right and capturing your vision is what I’m there for, its all artist integrity bullshit aside with me and I’ll shoot family photos for your gran all afternoon if that’s what you want me to do. And another thing that I should probably mention here, I’m right into beautiful portraits, after all the first images you'll print (other than the family ones for gran) will probably be portraits of the two of you right? BUT, do we really need to spend 2+ hours away from your party? I doubt it, 30min in a beautiful spot is more than enough time to make some winners. I’m keen to get these done quickly and get a drink in your hand ASAP. If your all about portraits in 10 different locations and making sure your poses are spot on so you can out do all your friends you’ve come to the wrong dude. Real, relaxed moments is what I’m all about here.

I'm available to cover weddings all over Australia and New Zealand. I’m calling Melbourne home and Queenstown a holiday home so minimal travel fee's to that part of NZ. So if your in the hunt for a Melbourne wedding photographer or Queenstown wedding photographer please consider getting in touch if my work speaks to you. 



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